Pool Sessions are a chance for you to give kayaking a go in a warm environment and without having to commit to a river trip. We run our main pool sessions every Friday from 8.10-10pm and try to get everyone in a boat for as long as possible. Be aware that early in the Semesters the pool sessions are fairly busy and so we may have some timing problems early on, but further into the semester things will be a bit more reasonable – so stick around! We meet at 8.10pm outside St Leonard’s land pool !

What to expect

Pool sessions tend to be a pretty casual affair, and they’re our training time off the river. With spare boats, decks and helmets on hand, just jump into whatever suits you and go for a paddle. What you use pool sessions for is completely up to you – some people like to paddle around and get comfortable in their boats, some will head straight over to a rescuer for rolling practice and others practice techniques they want to try out or perfect. In your first session, we will likely ask you to try a “wet exit” so that you’re happy getting out of your boat when capsized – this is a skill we ask you to have practiced at least once before a river trip, otherwise we’ll have to ask you to do it in the river!

Freestyle Tricks
Squirtboating (Submarine Kayaking)

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or come and ask someone for help, most of the time there is a small group of people at the side of the pool who are more than happy to help you out if needs be and this is your time to ask them without the risk of getting cold if you don’t quite get it right!

After our Friday session we head to The Southsider for free nachos! What more reason do you need to come along!

Polo Sessions

We are planning on restarting our polo specific training sessions in the pool as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for updates! Currently the polo goals are still under maintenance, who knows how long it will take. In the meantime, the Union Canal or Lochore is where it will be at.

The sessions are welcome to all and are a chance to learn a new sport, practice ball skills and also play some matches. There is even the opportunity to compete in BUCS or other competitions if thats something you’d like to get involved in!

Scottish Open

St Leonards Land – Pool Session Location